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Archive for July 28, 2015

Rats in Training 2015 Kickoff!

Are you ready to start your rat training yet? Our Rats in Training program starts off on Monday August 31st at the Downtown @ 6pm. We hope you can make it out and get ready for one of the most exciting and enjoyable running events in Fort Wayne! You can read the details on our dedicated Rats in Training program page: Rats In Training. Runners from beginning to intermediate are always welcome, and we hope to see you there!

Committe Volunteer Opportunities for 2015!

We are looking for volunteer committee members to help us make this the awesome event our community has come to love! Consider giving back so we can help other, disadvantaged families, afford an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a local YMCA membership. Please contact the 2015 race director, Pam Wolfe, at pamrwolfe@aol.com or send us a facebook message. We look forward to having your help!

Volunteer Opportunities Currently Available:

1) Event Volunteer Coordinator
2) Rats in Training Volunteer Coordinator